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The Authority maintains a record of all sacred sites that it has identified in the Northern Territory. An abstract of records is useful to anyone seeking to know whether sacred sites exist in a particular area of land that they are interested in. They show a record of all sacred sites and may also contain restricted works areas that relate to previous Authority Certificates that have been issued in the past.

An Abstract of Records is a written abstract and a map of all the known sites including both Recorded and or Registered Sites. The abstract may also contain any Restricted Works Areas (RWAs) that have been created as part of the Authority Certificate process. A project area is required (normally a lot number, but it can also include a Mining Title or Pastoral Lease or other area of interest).

It is important to emphasise that requesting Information from Records is not a definitive way of determining the location of all sacred sites in a given area, particularly where use of land or sea may result in disturbance of features. There is a risk that a sacred site previously unknown to the AAPA may be identified after the commencement of works, leaving no option but to cease works under the provisions of the Northern Territory Aboriginal Sacred Sites Act. This is because the Act applies to all sacred sites in the NT, not just sites registered or recorded by the AAPA.

Persons or organisations wanting an abstract of records can apply to the Authority using the Authority Certificate online application form.