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  • The Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority (the Authority) is a statutory authority responsible for protecting all sacred sites in the Northern Territory.
  • The Authority is responding to concerns of custodians of sacred sites on the McArthur River mine lease.
  • Dr Ben Scambary, the CEO of the Authority said: “the mine operation and its current expansion are subject to stringent sacred site protection measures which have been developed in consultation with custodians since the early 1990’s”.
  • Section 47 of the Northern Territory Aboriginal Sacred Sites Act 1989 (Sacred Sites Act) provides access for custodians to their sacred sites.
  • Dr Scambary said he “encourages all parties involved to abide by the terms of the Sacred Sites Act and to conduct themselves in a reasonable and respectful manner to ensure that sacred sites are protected”.
  • Dr Scambary says, “the Authority is continuing to monitor developments at McArthur River and will pursue any action arising”.

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