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AAPA is pleased to announce that an improved Request for Information process have been implemented from 1 November 2019.  AAPA has recently reviewed process for issuing an abstract of records under regulation 7 of the Northern Territory Aboriginal Sacred Sites Regulations 2004.

AAPA has taken into account client feedback, which identified the need for more information, including a map that details registered and recorded sacred sites as well as other sites of interest that could be heritage listed such as archaeological places, site of cultural significance or burial sites.  The new map will provide this information along with information about where Authority Certificates have been issued in the past. 

A new Frequently Asked Questions sheet has been developed to help clients:

  • Interpret the map.
  • Understand the type of information that is kept on the Register of Sacred Sites and the Register of Authority Certificates and how clients can access those registers.
  • Understand the limitations of the Request for Information.
  • And understand how the information provided by AAPA can be used.

You can view the FAQs here.

For more information email us or call on (08) 899 94365.