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Authority Certificate Application

AAPA has three types of fees for Authority Certificate Applications:

  • Application Fee
  • Standard Charges
  • Non Standard Charges

Application Fee:

The submission of an Authority Certificate Application will incur a cost of 57 revenue units (no GST) per application submitted. Application Fee is set out below.


Application Fees


Payable in all cases


Please note that this fee is in addition to the actual costs of an Authority Certificate. For some Authority Certificate applications, which are not deemed complex and which do not require complex consultations and which meet certain criteria, the charges outlined below apply. 

*Please note that GST is not applicable. 



Standard Charges:


Certificate Charges 
(for Standard Applications – Regulation 3 Schedule 1)


For freehold land anywhere within the Territory***


For land, other than freehold land and Aboriginal land, that is:

  • within the municipal boundary of Darwin, Palmerston or Litchfield Shire; or 
  • within 25 km of the Alice Springs Post Office


For land, other than freehold land and Aboriginal land, that is:

  • not within the municipal boundary of Darwin, Palmerston or Litchfield Shire; and
  • not within 25 km of the Alice Springs Post Office


**Please note that GST is applicable.

***Note: For residential freehold land when it is within a municipality and the applicant is the owner and occupier (or intended occupier) of the lot, the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority will apply a waiver if there are no complex circumstances.


Non Standard Charges:

An application for an Authority Certificate mentioned below should be classified as a non-standard application.

  • Large area of land – one or more areas of land which the perimeters equal 20 km or more
  • Substantial project - An application in relation to a substantial project, being proposed work that:
    • Requires a public environment report or an environmental impact statement under the Environmental Assessment Act, or
    • Is associated with a complex development such as a resort, mine or major horticultural development; or 
    • Uses an area of sea; or
    • Involves the acquisition or extinguishment of native title rights
  • Aboriginal land
  • Sacred Sites – An application in relation to:
    • An area of land that encompasses a registered sacred site or a restricted work area described in a previously issued Authority Certificate; or
    • An area where an Authority Certificate has previously been refused due to the existence of sacred sites
  • Specialised equipment or expertise - An application the determination of which will require the use of specialised equipment (for example e, charter aeroplanes or helicopters) or expert professional advice (for example, an arborist).
  • Comprehensive survey – An application that:
    • Is not limited to a specific location or project; and
    • Requires a comprehensive survey of unusually wide scope
  • Undisclosed work – An application that does not disclose the proposed use of the land or the nature of the work proposed to be carried out on the land
  • Remote location – An application in relation to an area of land that is remote from major population centres, the determination of which will require special arrangements for travel or accommodation
  • The following costs, if incurred by the Authority in determining a non-standard application or in arranging a conference, may be charged by the Authority to the applicant:
    • Consultants’ fees (including payments to custodians as consultants);
    • Travel and accommodation expenses (including vehicle costs, airfares etx.);
    • Communication costs (satellite phones etc.);
    • Equipment hire charges (Digital GPS, helicopter, fixed-wing aircraft, boat charter etc.);
    • Photography etc.;
    • Mapping and production of documents (printing, binding etc.);
    • Translation and transcription costs;
    • Incidental food costs;
    • Cost of staff time spent on research;
    • Cost of staff time spent supervising and liaising with other agencies/bodies;
    • Administration costs (making of arrangements by Authority staff);
    • Any other costs reasonably incurred.