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Ms Jenny Inmulugula 

Ms Inmulugulu is a senior woman and traditional owner of Warruwi on South Goulburn Island. She has been a member of the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority since 2006 and served as Deputy Chair on the Board from 2008-2012. Ms Inmulugulu is a senior woman for her clan and a strong advocate for her community and the Northern Land Council’s regional council. She has been involved in numerous projects for her community including the Warruwi Aquaculture Development Project as a Senior Arrrapi Cultural Consultant.


Mr Jack Green

Mr Green is from Borroloola. He is a Senior Cultural Advisor to the Garawa and Waanyi/Garawa Rangerprograms in the Gulf region of the Northern Territory. He is a member of the Borroloola Aboriginal Peoples and has contributed significantly to Aboriginal community-based development programs in remote regions of Australia. Mr Green is a strong supporter of the maintenance of Aboriginal connection to the land.

Mr Bobby Nunggumarjbarr


Mr Nunggumarjbarr is a senior Nunggubuyu man from Numbulwar in South Eastern Arnhem Land. He has had a long and distinguished career in public administration in the region having been Town Clerk of Angurugu on Groote Eylandt, and having held various positions on the Yugul Mangi Community Government Council in Ngukurr and more recently the Roper Gulf Shire. Mr Nunggumarjbarr is widely respected for his knowledge and authority across South Eastern and Central Arnhem Land. Mr Nuggumarjbarr has also been the Senior Project Officer in charge of the Northern Land Council’s Ngukurr office for the past fifteen years. In this role he is well regarded as a community facilitator of high order.


Mr Neville Petrick

Mr Neville Petrick is from McDonald Downs in the Northern Territory and is the Executive Council representative on the Central Land Council for the Eastern Plety region.

As the elected Executive member from the region, Mr Petrick has represented his region at the Central Land Council meetings for the past four years, and informs them about the discusions and outcomes of these meetings.


Ms Lynette Granites

Ms Granites is a highly respected senior Walpiri woman Yuendumu. She has been a member of the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority Board since 2005. Ms Granites is well known for her knowledge in women’s law and culture and has worked closely with the Authority on many sacred site registrations and Authority Certificate consultations. She has worked as a health worker for many years and is a renowned artist in her community.


Barbara Shaw

Ms Barbara Shaw is from the Alice Springs region and is the current deputy chair of the Central Land Council. She is the first female CLC delegate for Tangentyere Council where she coordinates the family safety group, targeting domestic violent in town camps. She is a well-known advocate for education, women's issues and housing.

Ms Shaw is also heavily involved in a range of community organisations and initiatives that support these areas, including acting as the co-chair of Aboriginal Housing Northern Territory, being a member of the Aboriginal Benefit Account, and being a former engagement officer with the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory.

Ms Valerie Martin

Deputy Chairman

Ms Martin is a Warlpiri woman from Yuendumu. She is a member of the Board of the Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation and was recently been elected to the Central Land Council Aboriginal Benefit Account Advisory Committee.


Kerinauia Junior

Mr Walter Kerinauia Junior

Mr Kerinauia Junior is one of the senior 'culture men' on the Tiwi Islands. He is a past member of the Tiwi Islands Regional Council/Tiwi Islands Local Government. He has been the long-time Trustee of the Mantiyupwi land owning group which takes in southern parts of both Bathurst and Melville Islands. He is also a past Director of Mantiyupwi Pty Ltd


Mr Phillip Mamarika

Mr Mamarika is a respected elder of the Mamarika Clan of Umbakumba Groote Eylandt. He currently works full time as a Senior Ranger with the Anindilyakwa Land and Sea Rangers, providing on the ground leadership and mentorship to five junior male rangers and five non-Indigenous staff in respect of traditional land and sea country.

Mr Mamarika represents the Anindilyakwa Land and Sea Rangers at the Anindilyakwa Indigenous Protected Area Advisory Committee and the Learning on Country Steering Committee. His role also extends to general community liaison and is a strong conduit between the Land and Sea Rangers and the Anindilyakwa Land Council Head Office