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Changes to Northern Territory Aboriginal Sacred Sites Regulations

As of Wednesday August 3rd 2011, AAPA had some changes made to its Regulations.
Some of these changes will affect the Requests for Information from Records, previously referred to as the Register Inspections.

As a client you may still make a Request for Information from Records, which will mean one of the following:

An Abstract of Records:
The AAPA may provide a written abstract and a map of all the known sites including both Recorded and Registered sites. The abstract    may also contain any Restricted Work Areas (RWAs) that have been created as part of the Authority Certificate process. A project area is required (normally a lot number, but also can include a Mining Title or Pastoral Lease or area of interest).

Register of Sacred Sites:
AAPA maintains a formal Register of Registered Sacred Sites encompassing details of the comprehensive documentation required under the Sacred Sites Act. The AAPA will provide access to concise details of the comprehensive documentation endorsed by the AAPA Board in Registering that Sacred Site.

Register of Authority Certificates:
AAPA maintains a Register of Authority Certificates which have been issued or refused.
AAPA will provide access to information on Authority Certificates. The information available includes the application and the Authority Certificate granted or refused for a specified area and works, including the sacred site protection conditions for any works that may have been proposed.

Any of the above three processes can be requested by completing a “Request for Information from Records” application form (available in our offices or from www.aapant.org.au ) and submitting it to the email address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or faxing to (08) 8999 4334.

















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