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In accordance with the Northern Territory Aboriginal Sacred Sites Act the Authority provides access to its Registers and basic data of recorded sites. This information provides a snapshot of what the Authority currently knows about an area. It should be noted that sacred site information obtained in this manner and used to inform development of an area may carry significant risk of damaging sites not yet recorded and cause delays to projects.

For projects that involve the clearing of vegetation and any disturbance to the physical landscape, in particular ground disturbing works, an Authority Certificate is ideal in terms of risk management. For areas where the Authority has previously carried out substantial work, existing data will be considerable and can be used as part of a low cost risk assessment for small projects with minimal impact, such as non-ground disturbing works.   

The Authority responds to a large number of requests for information each year – so far in 2015-16 the Authority has received and completed the following:

The Authority seeks to complete applications as quickly as possible and has over the past few years made significant improvements in this area. In 2014-15 the Authority responded on average to requests in 2.9 days. The below table shows the workload and timeframes so far in 2015-16: 


Requests for Information
Received Completed
Jul  42  32
Aug  54  53
Sep  47  43
Oct  71  79
Nov  44   22 
Dec  43   60 
Jan  40   39 
Feb  52   50 
Mar  56   51
Apr  87  85
May  82  68
Jun  44  49