Request for Information

Submit a Request when purchasing property, beginning development, exploration or land clearing to find out if any Sacred Sites are currently registered or recorded in the location.

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Authority Certificates

When you apply for an Authority Certificate, on-site consultations with Aboriginal custodians are carried out to identify and record any Sacred Sites in the area and any conditions to be observed to protect these sites during the conduct of works.

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Register a Sacred Site

A Registered Sacred Site is given the highest protection in the NT. As a custodian of a Sacred Site you can request Site Registration and information you provide about the site will be presented to the AAPA board for consideration.

Site Damage
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  • Sea and Land Ranger Training - 2015 Highlight

    In late 2014 the Authority’s Compliance Officer carried on site training for Djelk Sea Rangers at Maningrida.

  • AAPA Website 2015 Highlight

    In April 2015 the Authority launched its new public website which was designed to be more user friendly and provide practical information about the services and functions of the

  • Annual Report released

    The Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority’s Annual Report for 2014-15 has now been released and is available through the link below.